Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2008 To-Do List

Subset of "Long Term To-Do List" with stuff I hope to get done this year.

Big projects for this year:
  • Remodel upstairs bathroom: New tub and toilet, tile around tub and walls, put in modified old dresser as sink base, refinish wood floor or put in new floor. Maybe a sun-tube or regular skylight, but that might wait until next year.
  • Get dining room floor refinished.
  • Scrape, paint garage
Smaller projects:
  • Finish organizing garage
  • Finish organizing 3rd floor
  • Scrape, paint porch floor
  • Finish and install rainbarrels.
  • Better organize garden and yard
  • Move a bunch of plants around

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Completed To-Do List

Here's where I'll move things over from my current to-do list just in case anyone wants to accuse me of never accomplishing anything:

Completed tasks 12/16/07-1/31/08 (most recently completed first):

  1. Install exhaust fan/light in upstairs bathroom. Man, what a pain in the ass that was!
  2. Hack back the privet. I started to do just enough to keep low-hanging branches from smacking us in the face if we had snow or ice, and ending up taking out a lot of aggression on them.
  3. Get wood flooring from the old house. We got enough for the one area that has none, plus plenty for patches throughout the house!
  4. Install new kitchen faucet. Von did this 1/6. It looks great!
  5. Install new pantry shelf. Done 1/5
  6. Buy new kitchen faucet, shower head, and door-mounted pantry shelf unit, install new shower head, and get Delta to send an extra part since it doesn't fit right. Plus mail more packages.Done 1/3. Yes, another one added after the fact, just so I can have a record of what I've done and when.
  7. Get the new shelves put up in the linen closet and organize stuff in there. Done 1/2. WHY do I make the same damn stupid mistakes every single time I install wire shelving?!?
  8. Mail long overdue package to friend plus books to folks who bought them off ebay/amazon. Done 1/2.
  9. Install under-cabinet pan and lid organizer. Done 1/1. Took care of at least half of that disaster of a cabinet, now I need something for the other side.
  10. Complete homework for online class. Done 12/31. I've finished 9 chapters out of 15, and the other 6 will have to wait until I get the specific assignments from the instructor. Microsoft Office totally sucks.
  11. Go to house that's about to be torn down and take out as much as we could possibly reuse in this house: Doors, trim, wood flooring to patch places in dining room. Well, I got two doors with 9-pane glass windows that I hope to be able to use, and Bill is going over to saw the flooring up for me. Not as much as I'd hoped (someone else had already taken several doors), but at least it was something. The trim was going to be too hard to get off - walls mush behind them so nothing to use for leverage and yet they were still solidly nailed into place.
  12. Return library books, mail books, pick up Rx, call 500 daycares, install Office 2007 which totally freakin' sucks, do exercises in first chapter of new Office book, do 4 loads of laundry. Done 12/26. Hey, I had to see stuff done even if it wasn't on the list and isn't house related.
  13. Get rid of all the recycling stuff Done 12/23 but I forgot the library books, dammit.
  14. Get textbooks listed for sale. Done 12/23. Yes, I add things to my "completed" list that weren't on my "to do" list if they should have been there.
  15. Organize the pantry cupboard (it's scary; we have no idea what might be lurking under the layers of plastic grocery bags and reusable TJ's bags. Done 12/22, even with my granddaughter -- on her 19m birthday -- trying very hard to "help."
  16. Sharpen all my knives Done 12/22, this one with baby granddaughter safely at home!
  17. Go back through the attic, pull out things that can be recycled (boxes for stuff we've had past its warranty, for example), convince V to get rid of some of the crap that we do NOT need to be keeping, and add it to the shelter run pile. Done! 12/16: Boxes broken down and ready for the recycle run, we're getting rid of three of the extra chairs (two dining room, one office) that were stashed in the attic, and I listed a buttload of stuff on freecycle this weekend.
  18. Identify two dressers that we can get rid of, and get rid of them (DV shelter again). Actually we ended up finding a use for both of them - one now helps keep my office organized, the other is going to hold extra blankets.
  19. Get the 3rd floor better organized once there's room created by disappearing the empty unused dressers. Spent several hours yesterday (12/16) getting the 3rd floor a LOT better organized even with the dressers there. Put shelves in one of the closets to take some of the overflow from the attic. Went through the last of the moving boxes. Listed a bunch of stuff on Freeycycle. Got my sewing room much better organized - I'd call it 90% done, now! Found the parts (with one still missing - can I improvise? we'll see) needed to reassemble the futon couch.
  20. Paint the bottom part of the old enamel-topped table and bring it to the dining room with some baskets/bins for mail sorting. Not completed, but we decided not to do this.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Long-Term To-Do List

This is where I plan to list projects that I plan to get to eventually, but that simply aren't on the immediate horizon (aka the Current To-Do List).

I'm going to organize the list by room/area.

Whole House

  • Floors refinished
  • Baseboards (aka 1x6 stained building lumber) and window/door trim (big-box store's el-cheapest) replaced with something that looks a LOT more period appropriate. Start with 3rd floor to get practice where my screw-ups won't be so noticeable, then 1st floor, then 2nd.
  • Plastic fake grain cheapo interior doors replaced with real wood doors, salvaged if possible.
  • Honeycomb/cellular shades throughout


  • Paint
  • Half-curtains out of some cute colorful retro fabric once we know for sure about the paint color
  • Tile backsplash behind stove, somehow incorporating two tiles salvaged from my Granny's original kitchen.
  • Put extra shelves in cabinets that hold cups and glasses, to optimize those spaces
  • Put pull-out organizers in the one big cabinet where all of the pots & pans get dumped.
  • Install pantry cupboard that faces into kitchen in place of poorly sized/laid out pantry closet that's around the corner in the dining room; leave reduced-size closet in place as either extra pantry for rarely used pans and such, or maybe a coat closet.
  • Figure out a way to install a dishwasher, since my current one constantly forgets to wear glasses that are much-needed in order to see if schmutz is still on dishes.
  • Do something with the space to the left of the fridge.

Dining Room

  • Get floor repaired then finished
  • Fix basement door frame
  • Replace ceiling fan with ??

Living Room

  • Replace ceiling fan with ??
  • New sofas


  • Patch walls and PAINT
  • Fix drywall seam near old water leak, and paint ceiling.
  • Take down ugly wall cabinet
  • There has to be a better way to organize this room...

Bathroom - 1st Floor

  • Finish paint touch-ups
  • New light fixture
  • Install Triple-switch to give separate controls for light and exhaust fan (wiring already in place)
  • Figure out some way to box in the big pipe in the corner.
  • Long term: Replace El Cheapo shower stall with something that looks much nicer, install a window (frosted glass? high transom?) and get rid of that absurd partial wall.


  • Find the perfect storage bench for just inside the door.
  • Paint
  • Find replacement tile for the broken tiles.


  • Clean up old mold
  • Replace old insulation with new
  • Put a freezer down there


  • Refinish newel post
  • Refinish old railings that were given to us and use to replace current railings (will need new balusters though)
  • Panel wainscoting along wall to hide damage done by previous owners.
  • Repair damaged steps and refinish.

Bedroom #1

  • Paint needs touchups
  • Find a way to fix closet door that won't shut because closet it a teensy bit too narrow
  • Corner TV cabinet with doors that can be closed so that TV isn't visible at all times, and interior shelves so that DVR and DVD recorder don't need to be bungied on top of the tv to keep them from falling off.

Bedroom #2

  • Paint, but only after Granddaughter #1 is over her Pink Phase (but hopefully before she decides to go Goth and wants it black)

Bedroom #3

  • Paint, sometime before Granddaughter #2 is old enough to form opinions on paint color

Bathroom - 2nd floor

  • Refinish then retrofit old dresser to use as a sink base, then get it installed with new counter, sink and fixture
  • New hardware - towel bar(s), tp holder
  • New old mirror behind sink
  • Recessed medicine cabinet to left of sink
  • New lighting
  • Move outlets from on wall behind sink to left wall to side of sink, even though the drywalling alone is going to be a royal PITA, just because it's in a horrible spot
  • Replace exhaust fan; change to a triple switch if the wiring is in place
  • New flooring
  • Recessed shelves or tall cabinet to left of toilet
  • Long term: new soaking bathtub, install a window

Stairway to 3rd floor

  • Install new door (or modify old door) to fire escape landing that allows re-entry from landing, to make that a possible entrance (right now it's an exit-only door with one of the bar handles)

3rd floor bedrooms

  • Paint
  • Box in ducting

3rd floor in general

  • New carpeting
  • Build in some access doors to allow storage in knee-walls


  • Insulate
  • Pull everything out so that we can put that big ugly rug down as additional insulation on the floor, then put everything back in

House Exterior

  • Powerwash siding
  • Scrape/repair/repaint porch floor
  • Tear out awful stuff on porch ceiling and replace with beadboard
  • Get porch roof repaired
  • Powerwash the foundation
  • Install decorative shutters
  • Add an accent color to the porch
  • Install wider and more age-appropriate trim around windows
  • Run all gutters farther away from house (rainbarrel on east side)
  • Dig drywell for sump pump drain


  • Scrape, seal, paint
  • Organize
  • Build a better workbench
  • Fix roof (nails popping on metal roof, otherwise seems in good condition)
  • Repair rotted boards
  • Install gutter on far side of garage, back of shed (hook all gutters to rainbarrels)
  • Long term: get cement floor poured in garage (currently just gravel), run more power out there


  • Move azalea to right of steps
  • Move irises out of front bed to sunnier area
  • Move perennials from temporary bed near garage to someplace that makes sense
  • Annihilate as much privet as possible
  • Widen path along outside of privacy fence
  • Fill in dips in side and front yards where new water pipe was run
  • Cut the tops off the too-tall fence posts
  • Powerwash then water-seal fence
  • Look into alternate hinges and lock for gate

Current To-Do List

This post will be where I keep my current to-do list: Things I'm trying to get done within the next month or two.

This current list is what I hope to get accomplished February '08. Stuff in bold is top priority.

New Stuff:
  1. Finish plan for bathroom: To-do list in an appropriate order, budget.
    • Decide on various hardware: towel bar/TP holder, shower curtain rod, sink and tub faucets/shower head.
    • Decide on tile: Include how to incorporate grab-bar and hooks in shower.
    • Decide on toilet and bathtub.
  2. Pull up a corner of flooring, figure out if floor can be refinished; if not, plan/budget for other flooring.
  3. If it's warm enough to work in the workshop, modify back/drawers of old dresser that will be our sink base to fit to plumbing, and/or strip paint.

Carry-Over from January:
  1. Get all of the stuff we have set aside for the local domestic violence shelter delivered over there. Toss in a handful of $25 Wal-Mart gift certificates. Don't forget to include sofa, baby stuff in garage, old coats, stuff on shelf in mudroom, baby clothes on top of baby's dresser, extra dining room chairs in attic, car seats, jumper. Everything's organized and ready to go, I just need to call them for some help loading the van.
  2. Organize/clear out 2nd floor cabinet stuffed with old toiletries.
  3. Put away tools that are randomly piled up around the house.
  4. Get new shelves put up in three of the kitchen cabinets. Right now the single shelf in each of the cabinets that hold classes or mugs makes for way too much crowding on the shelf and wasted space above each shelf. All 10.5" deep, 1@22.5", 2@10.5".
  5. Write back to Floor Guys, ask them to clarify a couple of points in the bid they sent: Update number of holes they need to patch, add in the pieces of wood we discussed, and clarify exactly who pays for what if they start and decide that they really can't refinish it.
  6. Call HVAC Guy, ask if he has flooring professionals, interior painter, and roofing professional he'd recommend. He's come through with great recommendations for plumber and electrician, so I'm hoping he has more gems in his rolodex.
  7. Build two shelves for the cedar cabinet, and get it moved back into place and stuff put in there that belongs there. 32"x18.75" We decided to leave it where it's at, since it used to live in the nook at the end of the doggie hallway, but as much as I liked it there, it makes much more sense to keep the dog's stuff there than mid-hallway where we'll trip over it.
  8. Clean off and organize my desk and associated paperwork crammed in its drawers and the filing cabinet next to it. Got as far as getting the top of my desk cleared off, though it's all just dumped in a box: I needed it cleared to create a place to put my new scanner!
  9. Get hanging chain attached to stained glass piece in kitchen.
  10. Do some garden cleanup, if we get a relatively warm day,
  11. Sort through old computer stuff, back up and wipe clean all old hard drives, get rid of most of it and organize what I'm keeping. Mostly sorted through, just need to check and clean the hard drives.
  12. Assemble futon couch on 3rd floor.

Completed tasks 2/1/08-2/29/08 (most recently completed first):