Monday, January 1, 2007

Current To-Do List

This post will be where I keep my current to-do list: Things I'm trying to get done within the next month or two.

This current list is what I hope to get accomplished February '08. Stuff in bold is top priority.

New Stuff:
  1. Finish plan for bathroom: To-do list in an appropriate order, budget.
    • Decide on various hardware: towel bar/TP holder, shower curtain rod, sink and tub faucets/shower head.
    • Decide on tile: Include how to incorporate grab-bar and hooks in shower.
    • Decide on toilet and bathtub.
  2. Pull up a corner of flooring, figure out if floor can be refinished; if not, plan/budget for other flooring.
  3. If it's warm enough to work in the workshop, modify back/drawers of old dresser that will be our sink base to fit to plumbing, and/or strip paint.

Carry-Over from January:
  1. Get all of the stuff we have set aside for the local domestic violence shelter delivered over there. Toss in a handful of $25 Wal-Mart gift certificates. Don't forget to include sofa, baby stuff in garage, old coats, stuff on shelf in mudroom, baby clothes on top of baby's dresser, extra dining room chairs in attic, car seats, jumper. Everything's organized and ready to go, I just need to call them for some help loading the van.
  2. Organize/clear out 2nd floor cabinet stuffed with old toiletries.
  3. Put away tools that are randomly piled up around the house.
  4. Get new shelves put up in three of the kitchen cabinets. Right now the single shelf in each of the cabinets that hold classes or mugs makes for way too much crowding on the shelf and wasted space above each shelf. All 10.5" deep, 1@22.5", 2@10.5".
  5. Write back to Floor Guys, ask them to clarify a couple of points in the bid they sent: Update number of holes they need to patch, add in the pieces of wood we discussed, and clarify exactly who pays for what if they start and decide that they really can't refinish it.
  6. Call HVAC Guy, ask if he has flooring professionals, interior painter, and roofing professional he'd recommend. He's come through with great recommendations for plumber and electrician, so I'm hoping he has more gems in his rolodex.
  7. Build two shelves for the cedar cabinet, and get it moved back into place and stuff put in there that belongs there. 32"x18.75" We decided to leave it where it's at, since it used to live in the nook at the end of the doggie hallway, but as much as I liked it there, it makes much more sense to keep the dog's stuff there than mid-hallway where we'll trip over it.
  8. Clean off and organize my desk and associated paperwork crammed in its drawers and the filing cabinet next to it. Got as far as getting the top of my desk cleared off, though it's all just dumped in a box: I needed it cleared to create a place to put my new scanner!
  9. Get hanging chain attached to stained glass piece in kitchen.
  10. Do some garden cleanup, if we get a relatively warm day,
  11. Sort through old computer stuff, back up and wipe clean all old hard drives, get rid of most of it and organize what I'm keeping. Mostly sorted through, just need to check and clean the hard drives.
  12. Assemble futon couch on 3rd floor.

Completed tasks 2/1/08-2/29/08 (most recently completed first):

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