Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Mom (well, her quilt) is a covergirl!

I had to brag on my mom, since she (well, one of her quilts) became the covergirl for the current issue of McCall's Quilting magazine. The quilt is one that she designed herself, and they included a bunch of photos plus the full directions for making the quilt, which they rated as "Advanced" in terms of the skill level required.

Her picture's even in the magazine, but I told her that it doesn't count as a centerfold if she doesn't have a staple through her belly.

Needless to say, I"m rather proud of her.


Lara said...

Wow, beautiful work. Can't wait to get my copy.

EGE said...

Wow! The person I call Nana on my blog is really a person I met on the internet from New Zealand who is a heavy-duty quilter. Does your mom play computers? You should have them check each other out (there's a link to Nana on my blog).

Georgetown House said...

Ege, I actually contacted you "Nana" a while ago after checking out her blog via yours, and my mom emailed her about becoming "pen pals" - my mom's been looking for quilter penpal from outside of the US. So you already did this hookup even without realizing it!

EGE said...