Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Harvest

This is what you logically should see when you Google "Halloween Harvest":

Instead, this is our Halloween Harvest at Georgetown House:

Yup, that's what I collected TODAY from our five tomato plants in our garden. On October 26th. Five days before Halloween.

And I'm sitting here in my office after midnight ("I go out bloggin'... after midnight... out in the moonlight...ju-ust like we used to do, I'm always bloggin'... after midnight, searchin' for you-oo-ooooooo" Oops. Sorry. Got distracted.)

Anyway, I'm sitting here and it's after midnight and it's now officially October 27th and I have the window open and the fan on. Now, one could argue with some merit that it could be because I'm, shall we say, a woman of a certain age. You know, that age when at any moment I'm likely to break out in a profuse sweat and have my face turn bright red like I'd just run a marathon and have this incredible urge to rip all my clothes off - in front of my students. However, I could also argue with some merit that it's because it's 73 in this room and only 69 outside.

And it's the end of October.

At least we have tomatoes. Lots and lots and lots of tomatoes with still many on the vine, waiting to ripen.

And it's almost November 1st - the date which for many years has been my "don't turn the heat on until" goal date, though I haven't made it to November 1st for as long as I can remember. Hell, I'll be glad to not have to turn the AC on after November 1st at this rate.


EGE said...

That ain't right. But I think it's imperative that you at least try to make a jack-o-lantern out of one of them. Maybe a green one would be easier...

Leslie said...


You know, I think you're right. Today is going to be ugly and rainy all day, so I may just have to do that. Gotta pull out the knife sharpener first though... hmmm, gray rainy days are good for getting all the knives sharpened, too. And for baking bread. And for getting caught up on the laundry. And for being a lazy slug all day. What will it be, what will it be...

DaraS said...

Your song cracked me up this morning but I was in too much of a rush to comment! The weather was gorgeous here today. Hope it cleared up there, too.