Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's the little stuff that makes a difference

The plants I transplanted from my old house all have new green or flowers - looks like we didn't lose anything!

The new stereo (ok, "home theater system") is connected and working and sounds wonderful! We had a dance party to celebrate -- cranked up some Willie Colon, "The Big Break", and danced salsa with Chas; hey it beats just randomly carrying her around in an attept to comfort her in her combined cold and teething misery. And as soon as Von and Chanel get home from the store, we're going to watch Shrek with full home theater sound. What I really need to do now is get some better speaker wire, get the optional wireless module for the rear speakers (hey, just another $150, tain't nuthin'), and get the speakers mounted on the walls. I'm guessing that will be a summer project and they'll just stay stuck in their less than optimal locations for now. Bottom line is that I have the sound I wanted, it fit my budget, I have a 3" high unit in my cabinet instead of a combined 18" or so for tuner/cd/dvd, and I'm happy with it.

Speaking of teething, cranky babies with colds, another little good thing is that this one fell asleep seriously slumped over in her high chair as I was preparing her crib so that I could take her out and try to get her to lie down, since she was clearly WAAAAY overtired. And there was just no way I was going to move her which would have mean instant wake-up-and-wail (which sounds something similar to "jump, jive and wail" being played by an elementary school band, but with less of a beat to it), so I just ever so carefully propped her up. Even her nose is staying unwiped until she's gotten a bit of sleep, which she seriously needs (so do I but she's going home tonight so we'll get ours then).

What you can't tell from the pic is that for some reason she keeps wiggling her fingers like she's playing the piano. Cute.

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Jordana said...

Hooray for plants surviving! Most of the things I've transplanted look like they are going to make it. I'm not sure about all the creeping phlox, but that's a small loss.

And what a cutie pie. Mine have fallen asleep in their high chairs once in a while. It's a pretty adorable sight.