Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random trivial updates

The new Dysons have arrived and OMG do they rock. One small indoor/outdoor carpet that sits on the path between the Dog Hallway and the back door was always impossible to clean. About 15 seconds with the Animal DC17 and that sucker was jet black clean and the canister was filled with inches of dirt and pug hair. Very disgusting but wonderful now to think that we have something that actually really seriously sucks around here but in a GOOD way.

No floor estimates yet - one guy came out but no estimate yet, the other guy was going to call Thanksgiving week to set up a time to come out but haven't heard from him. I'll blame it on the holidays and cut them a break, but I also know that it's just pretty consistent with the fact that around here, most contractors just freakin' suck about getting back to you.

Not our HVAC guy, though, as I've said before. He rocks. And his Young Squire helper is a fresh-faced example that some kids (and yes, very-early 20's qualifies you as "Kid" to me now) actually have strong work ethics and professional behavior and all that.

One recommendation, though: If you decide that behind an attic knee-wall HVAC service panel is a great place to hide ::ahem:: things that you don't want your grandchildren to find, it's always a good idea to remove them from behind said service panel before the HVAC guys arrive to fine-tune your system. If I had a blushing-deep-purple emoticon to use right now, I would.


EGE said...

HOW can you not tell us what you hid? The things that come to mind are not things I'd think would weather well behind a knee-wall -- unless they were very VERY well wrapped -- in which case the guy would not know what they were.

Curioser and curioser!

Leslie said...

Hee. Well, obviously it's not something I'm willing to post publicly, now, is it?

EGE said...

Are you going to make me start posting guesses?

Leslie said...

I'll admit to nothing publicly. :-) However, you do have my email address, and I will entertain (and most likely be entertained by) guesses made in private, and will verify if you are correct.