Monday, December 24, 2007

Lost again

I have three measuring tapes. I can't find any of them. Why does this always happen when I'm feeling most gung-ho to start planning something that can't be planned without accurate measurements?



Jodi said...

You must be related to my husband. I swear he loses tools faster than anyone. We own 4 drills. FOUR. And I can never find a single one of them.

I am about to go out and buy pink tools. With flowers. And hope that will deter him from running off with them. If that doesn't work I may just duct tape them to the wall. LOL

Leslie said...

LOL Nope, I put the blame 95% on the head of my partner, whose idea of cleaning up means taking something that's out and sticking it into the nearest drawer, basket, cabinet, whatever. I will take 5% of the blame for leaving it out, but none of the blame for losing them. ::grin::