Monday, March 3, 2008

How could someone DO this to a house?!?

You see this simple but cute little beach cottage that I lived in and dearly loved until June '06 and sold that fall?

You see the three pretty sweet bay magnolias in front that really help soften the stark concrete-blockness of the house?

We drove by our old house last night on our way to Dairy Queen, and the new owners have TAKEN THEM OUT! They're gone! GONE!! They had told me I could take any and all plants, that they planned to replace it all with really low maintenance stuff (as if there's anything high-maintenance about day lilies and irises and all, but I was happy to have them) but THEY TOOK OUT THE TREES!!! Those trees were beautiful! They totally did not contribute in any significant way to the leaf fall -- if you look back you can see the trunks of a zillion 100' old oak trees that surround the house and cover the yard in a thick blanket of leaves every fall, so it's not like three little sweet bay magnolias are going to make a difference in terms of yard maintenance.

The yard was stone cold bare. BARE. Absolutely nothing planted anywhere - concrete block all the way down to the ground. The house was ugly without those trees, and with nothing at all around it to soften its lines.

All I can think of is how much they're going to regret creating a stark bare yard if they ever want to sell that place again.

(I can't believe they took out those sweet little trees!!!!!!! GAH!)


kelli.griffis said...

How heartbreaking! I'm so sorry that happened. It sort of feels like someone kicked a kitten or something. It feels a little strange to mourn for trees, but that's exactly what I find myself doing. Some people have no appreciation for nature. What are people like that doing buying a cabin out in nature like that anyway? Why buy a lake house if you're not going to enjoy the character that comes with it? (As owner of a lake house that my grandparents built, I completely sympathize.)

Jennifer said...

Poor house! It's going to miss those trees!