Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The one that got away

Salisbury Freecycle: Offer, cast iron tub, new in crate, not a clawfoot.

Me: Heart attack city as I can't type a "ME! ME!!! PICK ME!!!" reply fast enough.

Them: I have had lots of interest in the tub. It sounds like you are in need of one. I would like to offer it to you.

Me: I forgot to ask the measurements.

Them: The label says 60' long, 32.5" wide. It doesn't say how deep but it looks really deep.

Me: Thats so perfect - one last important question, does it have a left or right hand drain?

Them: Right side.

Me: $#!+

::sigh:: At least we're heading north to NY in a couple of weeks to pick up the free tile that someone from Old House Web is giving us -- enough white bullnose edge and cove base subway tile to do the whole bathroom (I'll use that for border and something else, I'm thinking maybe a 6" square, for the main part), plus almost enough black & white hex tile to do the floor if it turns out that the wood floor can't be used.


Jennifer said...

That always happens to me... perfect until the last minute! AACK!

The tile sounds nice.

EGE said...

See, I didn't get that the other post was staying on top, and I didn't notice that there was a new one until it had been up for two days. That said...

Maybe I ought to check out thei "freecycle" thing you're always raving about.

(I kid. I did sign up for it once, but there were too many emails every day and anything I wanted was always gone before I heard about it. You must be better at it than I was.)