Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorry, Gary, but it's NOT an Amish sex toy

A gentle little poke from ege (ow!!) reminded me that if I'm going to run a contest on two sites simultaneously, I need to announce the results on both sites when the contest is finally won.

The contest was to determine what this was originally, and what it's being used for now:

Many folks got that it was the tip of a lightning rod, but it was my friend Nat from Oklahoma who finally guessed its current use: A back scratcher. Cookies will be on their way to her house once I get to the store and get more butter.

Of course a back scratcher isn't anywhere near as interesting as a Amish sex toy, as suggested by Gary from This Old Crack House. You been smokin' crack, boy?!? Do you see the point on that thing?!?

And oh my Maude, I wonder what kind of blog hits that particular phrase is going to lead to!

"Hey, if you can't remember the URL for my house blog, just google Amish sex toy and it should pop right up!"



(edited to add: I just left a comment to ensure that anyone googling that particular phrase will hit the crack house as well, though he already gets way more interesting search engine hits than I do!)


Gary said...

So, after the wet sun bonnet competition, how about I ride by on a real bitchin' clydesdale and take you for a cruise?
My mechanic has just removed his arm from the horses behind so it should be tuned up perfectly!
I'm sure the horse will appreciate getting its back scratched with that thing.

Hey, anything to help increase Google searches!

Leslie said...


Jen said...

Actually, if you google "Amish Sex Toy" (yes i did), you are the second link, after these real amish sex toys:


Jennifer said...

Too bad.. that was my favorite guess!

Kevin in Atlanta* said...

I worry about you sometimes...