Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Plea to Contractors

If you tell me you're going to come and give me an estimate, please show up. I know that my little bathroom remodel is just a wee job compared to so many things that you work on, but still, I can't plan out the parts that I'm doing myself or start ripping things out without having some assurance that I have someone lined up to do the parts that I can't.

Thank you.


Greg said...

Unfortunately, your pleas fall on deaf ears.

Leslie said...

::sigh:: Yeah, well I know that, but I just needed to whine about it, at least indirectly. Most of the time I've had good luck with contractors and I would have thought that right now, with new construction waaaay down in this area, that I wouldn't have such trouble. But this is the third time that my plumber, who was previously reliable and originally highly recommended for his work AND his being conscious about showing up, has either canceled at the last minute or just totally blown me off. And I'm having absolute zero luck with getting a drywall person here.

I wish I felt able to just do it all, but I just don't have the level of plumbing skills necessary to feel confident putting in a new tub, and my drywall finishing just totally sucks. In order to get someone out here, I'm even willing to pay them to do the whole thing and not just the part I can't do -- to have the plumber also install the toilet and sink, which I could do, and have the drywall person not just finish the drywall but also hang it, which I could do.


Ethan said...

That is super frustrating! And if they can't show up, they should at least call and let you know. Any chance you have a fix-it friend that would help?

Leslie said...

Ethan, I agree about the calls - I understand being detained, just let me know!!

Fortunately I was finally able to get the plumber here (who also then came back first thing the next morning to take care of the leaking outdoor faucet that he installed last year), and I found - as you put it - a fix-it friend who will do a good enough job with the drywall, since no drywall contractors seem willing to bother with a job so small.