Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Honest Opinions Needed!

It's crunch time in the Georgetown House Bathroom Renovation Project. I need to make some decisions about fixtures and finishes. I'm seriously design-challenged and have a really hard time visualizing how things will look together.

Honest honest HONEST feedback is appreciated on how these will all look together. FYI it's a very small bathroom (only around 60sq ft). The floor will be white & black 1930's hex tile, the tub surround will be white tile (probably a combo of subway and square) with some color border/accent (not determined what), and the walls will hopefully get tiled to coordinate with the tub surround before I run out of steam and money.

So here's what I'm considering. I thinking that they all will look fine together, but I'm also thinking that I'm missing some really essential thing of "but this curve really doesn't go with this one" or "you have too many variations on blah blah" or whatever. HELP!!

This tub (pictures not very clear - the side is basically a framed panel), Kohler Archer:

With this sink (also Kohler Archer, but not those faucets, and yes I talked about an old dresser as the sink base but I'm worried that it will be too big so I'm looking at alternatives):

And this toilet (Toto Promenade - the matching Kohler one is too long and too high - I don't have "comfort height" legs!):

Then there are these fixtures - double towel bar, toilet bar, toilet handle, brackets for glass shelf for over sink and for oval mirror (all polished nickel, Allen & Roth "Andrews" which is a Lowes-specific line):

This sink faucet and tub faucet/shower (both Danze Opulence line in polished nickel):

And finally, these lights (Rejuvenation's Umpqua, on either side of the oval mirror, but in polished nickel not the brushed nickel that's shown):


Why S? said...

I think you've made some good selections. You're right to stay away from the so-called "comfort-height" toilet. I also don't have comfort height legs but I went with the Am. Std. Standard collection. It took a long time to get used to.

Also, you're right about the furniture sink thing. It will take up too much space and I think you'll look back on it later as the thing that everyone was doing at the time.

Maybe you should stay away from the glass shelf. It seems a bit contemporary for the look you're going for.

Good luck. I look forward to the final results.

fred@opc said...

I also struggle with visualization; so I'm not a good person to ask. Perhaps I can get Kim or Jocie over here to comment on this.

FWIW> I like what you've chosen here. I'm a big fan of the clean white look and stainless faucets. It lets you add the color with either the paint, floor, or accent pieces, which really leaves the options open... also appeals to other buyers if you ever plan to sell the joint - since they can visualize their stuff pretty easily.

Just my $0.02, which is probably worth more like $0.01. haha

Jennifer said...

My two cents... are all the whites of the tub/toilet/sink the same? In my monitor they are very different. In space that small, I would want them all the same shade of white...

Otherwise, I love the shapes/designs of everything!