Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bummer to have to wait

As I'm reading to better educate myself about floor refinishing, I realize that it's really just not a good idea to refinish a floor in the winter, when you don't want to keep the windows open. I'm thinking we need to wait until May. Warmer weather is also good since we'll have to go out the front door, around the side of the house, through the gate, and back into the house through the back door in order to let the dogs in and out of the house. The kitchen will also be completely inaccessible while we can't walk through the dining room.

I'm also starting to lean towards attempting to refinish it ourselves. I think we can do it. I know a lot of my reluctance to do it has been simply from not wanting to work on that floor any more, after I've already done so much backbreaking work on it. But another big part has been just plain worry that we'll screw it up and it will look awful. My confidence is building, though...

I think I want to use a Waterlox finish but I'm still deciding.

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EGE said...

Maybe by the time you wait for spring, you'll feel like doing it again. Me, though, I would never attempt to do a floor myself. I would definitely screw it up.