Sunday, January 6, 2008

A present from my privet

I hate the privet that has grown to the size of huge trees that pollute our yard with all kinds of baby privets and nasty berries, but today it's worth it: Right now they're filled with hundreds of cedar waxwings all having a serious feast.

(Dara, if you read this, remind me again what you recommended we put in its place, in the area where it's grown up high enough to be a good privacy screen? I am SO ready to get rid of this damned privet!)


EGE said...

I was all set to marvel at your picture-taking skills, but then I realized that you didn't take that picture!

I don't know what a privet is, but I hate it on your behalf.

Jennifer said...

You can send it up here to my privet hedge! There are some HUGE holes in it from years of neglect. :)

Leslie said...

Jennifer, seriously: If you have some privet that has grown up so that it's no longer dense on bottom, just cut the part of it around the empty spot back almost all the way below that empty spot. Within no time at all, where you cut will sprout a dozen little branches to fill things in. We cut a row of privet TREES (these were probably about 15' tall) all the way down to the ground just a few months ago, and already they're filling back in as hedges. You just can't kill that stuff, and it doesn't seem possible to hack it back too much -- it always comes back, no matter what!