Friday, January 4, 2008

Feed a fever, go to Lowes for a cold.

Despite this cold making me feel like creamed caca, I had no choice but to leave the house to pick up a "get it today or lose it" major freecycle score -- a Little Tykes kitchen set for BabyGrand, or at least for once she's a year or two older. Great condition, too.

So while I was out I treated myself to a stop at the nearby Lowes (after all, I had a coupon that was about to expire!) and got a new kitchen sink faucet, another door-mounted shelf unit for the pantry, and something that I've been hoping someone would make for years but never saw in an affordable line: A shower fixture that is a combination wide-rainshower head AND a hand-held shower massager. The regular wide-head hand-helds don't do the real rainshower effect since the water only comes out of a relatively small number of the holes in the head, plus they're too big and usually heavy to be convenient to use. This one is unique -- the majority of the rainshower head is fixed, while the hand-held portion is just a narrow wedge that lifts out from the center. It's hard to describe, and I'm too damned lazy to take a picture.

If I can find the teflon tape, then I'll install this today and treat myself to a nice long hot shower to help relieve these cold symptoms. If I can't, then I'm not up to mucking around in the garage to figure out where it was stashed, and it will just have to wait. Kitchen faucet installations have always been Partner's bailiwick*, so that will wait.

*I looked up the official definition for "bailiwick," being nervous at having discovered recently that I had always misused a certain word, and was amused to see that while it's primary definition is (as I thought) "A person's specific area of interest, skill, or authority," it's secondary definition is "The office or district of a bailiff" which just happens to be Partner's profession.

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