Monday, January 7, 2008

Please help me gussy up my houseblog

I may be a computer geek, but that doesn't mean that I know squat about how to actually make something LOOK good. Let's face it: I got the overwhelming share of the math-related genetic material from my parents, while my sister got zilch for math and an overabundance of creative talent, since I kind of forgot to grab any on the way out.

Anyway, I'm seriously looking to pay someone who has a talent for such things who can help me to make this look a lot nicer. I don't CARE if only three people ever read it, I still want it to look so much nicer than it does, give it a little class, have it not scream "randomly chosen non-customized built-in template!!"

Any takers? Tell me the best way to reach you. Either post here or email me at tanama44 ataoldotcom.

Seriously. Help.


Jodi said...

Hey Leslie,
I dabble somewhat in blog makeovers. I have done a few of my blogger friend's blogs and I do my own.

Usually I make a banner for the top with pictures you provide or a style/idea you have. Then I coordinate the blog to the banner. If you are interested drop me an email at said...

I paid someone $70 to fix up my blog...and I tortured her the whole time with questions and modifications. Let me know if you want the URL

Christiane said...

I don't do blog makeovers, but I can tell you that we made a rule long ago (back when ErwinHouse was a wee little blog wannabe) to have a picture in every post. It makes such a huge difference! You don't need great site design when you have a picture in every post, I swear! Just keep rockin on with yr bad blogging self ;-)