Sunday, September 9, 2007

Does this make me somehow less of a REAL do-it-yourselfer?

I know that the decision I made yesterday certainly hurts my creds as a serious tool-slut in some folks' eyes, that's for sure.

I bought a finish nailer. Yes, that's a normal thing for a DIY-ing tool-slut to buy.

But I didn't buy a pneumatic nailer, I bought a Black & Decker Firestorm 18v 18 gauge electric/cordless nailer. Not one of those propane-based cordless nailers, just an ordinary cordless tool.

I anticipate so many of my house-fixup friends cringing and gnashing their teeth as they read about this. "WHY?!? Why not a pneumatic? Why waste your money on this cordless piece of crap when you could get a good compressor/nailer kit for only twice that?"

Probably someday I'll start doing the pneumatic tool route. But as I look at the projects we're realistically facing in the next few years, about the only thing we need is a finish nailer, and about the only thing we'll need it for is hanging some trim, installing a bit of wainscoting, and maybe assembling a medicine cabinet (hmmm... I need to add "build medicine cabinet" to my "50 by 50" list). And I just really like the idea of a totally cordless nailer. I checked with a couple of people who have the B&D nailer who said that it does just fine for what they need. I checked the reviews on various sites and they all were fine. I live close to a B&D outlet. I got a brand new one for around $100. It has a two year warranty and they give you a brand new one with a brand new 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong. I tried it, putting back up some of the trim we removed from the hallway, and it works GREAT.

So yeah, ok, it's not pneumatic. But don't even think of trying to challenge my tool-slut creds.

Now if this one last patch would just hurry up and dry so I could paint it so I could put the rest of the trim up, I'd take pics to post!


EGE said...

I'm sorry, what's the problem here? You bought a tool that works for the job you need to do -- right?

Robin said...

You're still a full-fledged tool slut in my eyes. :) I'm still in the "maybe I should just hire the woodwork done" stage. I am still running with training wheels, lol.

Georgetown House said...

Thanks! I just too easily get to feeling... inadequate is too strong of a word, but I read so many houseblogs where folks are just so damned on top of everything, have all the "right" tools or the "right" skills and get things done in weekends that would take us months - if we would be able to do it at all. I totally love my new toy, it's just a little embarrassing to know that to some it's exactly that - a toy - in comparison to what most folks get.