Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Pee-Proof floor is finally done

And here we have it folks. While the rest of you are showing off your gorgeous kitchens, rooms full of custom made-by-you woodwork, the bathroom you remodeled last weekend, and (for the angolito types among us) this month's house purchase and remodel, I'll show off my measely little hallway, now made relatively pee-proof because of the big guy in the first picture is an obsessive marker (which is probably how he ended up in pug rescue to begin with).

Bad doggie hallway:

Nice doggie hallway:

(minus the dogs, all the dog's stuff, the cabinet at the end, the new trim so we just put back the old, etc.)

Not only does the paint look a lot lighter on my monitor than for real, the wall at the end of the hallway looks white! It's not, it's the same Cincinnatian Hotel Taupe as the rest of the hall and dining room, a color I'd describe as a golden-brown coffee with a lot of cream in it.

One thing I'm going to do to add to its pee-proofness is run some clear caulk under the baseboards,so that if the little ****er lifts his leg on something, it can't run under the baseboards to where we can't clean it up properly.

The vinyl sheet flooring is only considered a 5-year plan; we hope he'll either grow out of his marking, or I'll kill him, we'll see which one it is.


Kristen said...

This post is hilarious! I love your bad little pugs (or is just one bad? I love them both!).

Even with the incorrect colors, the changes still look nice and clean and bright and warm. Here's to 5-year plans!!

Tara said...

After threating to "rip it right off if you EVER do that again" about a million times, I've managed to reach a reasonably pee-free existence in my house. It's like he knows I'm serious.

The hall looks great! Good luck with PeePeePug.

Georgetown House said...

LOL Kristen, the big boy is pee-pee bad, the the little girl is PITA brat-girl into-everything bad, and both are seriously loved (and both rescues).

And Tara, omg I've said those words so many times (that or "I'm going to CUT it off...) but he seems to know I'm bluffing. I just wish was a marking equivalent to a no-barking collar: The dog goes to lift his leg in the house, and ZAP!!! I'd go for the cintronella blast instead of the electric shock variety, but still, ANYthing would be better than these lingering effects of testosterone poisoning.