Friday, September 21, 2007

What makes a house into a home.

The past few days have been delightful. Some very special friends from New Orleans have been here since Tuesday night, and I'm very sad that they'll be leaving tomorrow (Friday). It's been great having them here to just hang out, watching their two children explore the house, having our two granddaughters over to visit and observing how they interact, sharing meals together, running errands together. We've both joked (though it will never happen) about their buying the house next to ours. It would just make me beyond thrilled to have someone live next door who were truly close friends like this.

Oh, and my friend even willingly and with a smile on her face did some touch-ups on the dining room paint and did the cutting-in for our stairway, so that now all we need to do is roll it!!

So that's the story behind the sappy post title: It's when a house is filled with friends and family that you love that it really becomes a home.

Happy Birthday, Von!!! I love you (even though I doubt you'll read this!) and love the home that we have together.

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