Friday, September 14, 2007

Von's hand surgery today means...

...that I can focus on whatever I want to get done this weekend without having to negotiate priorities. Von definitely isn't big on prioritizing gardening or organizing, even if I'm the only one working on it, so this is my chance, especially since we're still riding on the high that comes from finishing a big [for us] project (dining room/hallway painting). Go, Vicodin!

So far my tentative plans are:

  • Sit on my ass doing nothing for a bit longer
  • Go out and apply the weedkiller that I've reluctantly accepted is our only real option in the driveway
  • Chop out as many weeds as possible then start putting newspaper (NOT weedkiller) down on the weeds/grass in the area I plan on turning into garden beds to help keep them from regrowing/growing more.
  • Pick up the grandkids and go play for the afternoon at the local Pridefest
  • Do some spare room organizing in preparations for some much loved house guests who are arriving in a few days.
Sunday (high 60's and clear - WOOT! for the weather!)
  • Start getting the garage organized
  • See if my friend will come over with her tiller to help me move some flowers

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