Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cool new/old gifts for the house!

I feel like I just won an old-house renovator's major door prize. Some friends who are moving gave us a bunch of salvaged materials that are consistent with the age and style of our house, which we'll definitely be able to use as part of our "retrovation" efforts to bring back some of our house's original character.

They gave us a good-sized stack of great condition door/window trim, several pieces of very nice substantial stair rail (the one we have now is the Big Box's Cheapest Option style), and an old pedestal sink in excellent condition. If I have a place to use it, I can also have a 24" 5-panel wood door. They also gave me a great multi-pane window that I might use as some kind of funky wall hanging instead of as part of a coldframe as I originally discussed, now that I see how nice it really is. And they offered an original 30's style kitchen sink, the heavy kind with the integrated drainboard, but I just don't think we can use it. Well, actually it's that I don't think Von would go for it, but I'm going to ask just to make sure!

D, you totally rock!!!

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