Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dogs 1, HVAC System 0, frustration/disappointment 10

The HVAC system install didn't get started yesterday as planned because the Ductwork Guy tried to break up a dogfight and was hurt. As of yesterday they clearly had no clue how seriously he was injured. Turns out that he took a fang deep into the joint where his thumb connects to his hand, he's is in the hospital on IV antibiotics, and they're still trying to figure out the degree of damage to his hand. Right now there's apparently even a chance that he could end up losing the thumb, so that's bad.

HVAC Guy (Duct Guy is his partner) came by to talk to me about it in person today (good customer service gesture, btw, which I appreciate very much), and clearly on top of being very upset about his partner's injury, he felt very bad that he couldn't give me an answer as to when this project might happen, or even if it WILL happen.

As I told him, I'm not upset at him or his company for this -- it's certainly something that they didn't anticipate, and I don't have ANY issue if this project doesn't start for another month or so. My main worry of course is that I'll need to start from scratch, that they'll end up not being able to do this at all, and I'll have to start from the very beginning to find someone willing and qualified to take on this project. I asked him to just keep me posted, every week or so if possible, and if it comes down to this, to let me know as soon as it seems clear that they won't be able to do this, at least not this year. From what he's told me of how his business and their partnership is structured, basically if Duct Guy isn't available, he's simply not going to have the time and resources to do a big install like this.

In the mean time Electrician Guy is here doing what he can, and as for what will happen in the future... well, I guess I have no choice but to jump off that bridge when I come to it.

So, I'm not a happy camper but what can I do?


Rachel said...

Awwe, that sucks! Thank goodness you didn't disconnect the electric heat. I'll send some thoughts to the People Upstairs for quick dogbite healing.

Kathy said...

Maybe 15 years ago my husband's son came upon a dog fight; a loose pit bull mix was attacking a woman & her dog. He stopped, got the profusely bleeding woman in his truck, tried to break up the fight and got bitten in the upper thigh/buttocks. He was able to get the woman's dog into his truck and yelled to the gaping neighbors to call 9-1-1. The woman spent 3 days in ICU and a total of a week in the hospital on IV antibiotics, plastic surgery on her calf to close up the deep hole where meat was bitten away. Rich's son was treated & released. The woman's dog went to an animal hospital and recovered. The pit bull went into quarantine before it was to be put down. Of course, this is NJ and the owners objected to having their beloved pet (who had bitten their own children) put down and fought in court because this was the first reportable incident. Ultimately the dog was put down.

Dog & cat bites can be very serious.