Monday, April 16, 2007

They're here...

Well, at least Electrician Guy and his helper are here. Ductwork Guy and his carpenter/helper are NOT here becuase Ductwork Guy apparently tried to break up a dogfight yesterday and got the worst of it. He hopes to be well enough to start work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Electrician Guy has opened up the wall underneath the panel, marked what's what and where how he's going to rearrange things, and right now he's running the wire to where the outside units are going to be located.

I verified with him that he won't be disconnecting our current baseboard electric heat until they're ready to fire up and test the new system - we can live without heat, but we're anticipating a week of highs only in the 50's and lows in the mid-30's to low 40's, so heat would certainly be preferable.

Even before we knew we were getting this nor'easter, I also verified with HVAC Guy that the outdoor units were going up on 2' high decks, and the blower that's going into the crawlspace will be mounted as high as possible. Then again, maybe it's time for me to look into flood insurance, considering last year's mess.


Back yard (with Von and Granddaughter)

At least this didn't flood up to the house, but it was more than a foot deep in places, and we had 6" in the garage.

Electrician Guy and Helper are outside trying to keep from being blown away by these winds: I just heard them laugh and say "hold on there, don't let it blow you off!" after a long loud gust of wind. Wunderground says winds are 22mph with gusts of 35mph right now. Not a day to be working outside, that's for sure.

Boss Lady is being very flexible with me with regards to my schedule - I can work at home as much as half the time, and I can take whatever time off I need as long as I'm there for my classes. These are good things. I'll be sad when Boss Lady retires in a few years, especially considering that the likely candidates for her replacement tend to be not nearly as flexible. I'm just wishing that Ductwork Guy wasn't starting tomorrow, since I have a class from 11:30-1, and he's going to be here at around 10, and I'd hoped to verify with him where the vents were going to be cut before he started cutting... Maybe he'll have enough time to go over one area with me before I leave, and then do that area while I'm gone.

Ok, since I'm working at home I need to actually get some work done.

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