Saturday, April 28, 2007

A good day with the kids, Habitat, and Gov. Minner

Today was the official opening ceremony/blessing for the Habitat Woman Build project that I plan to work on this summer. I took the kids, the weather turned out to be surprisingly good, and it was just a very good day.

It reminded me of why I support Habitat so strongly. I got the chance to meet several families who had houses in this new community, and the speech that the mom in the family whose house we're building brought tears to my eyes, especially when she talked (in Spanish, with translations) so passionately abut how much it means to her that she's worked on her neighbors homes and they in turn will work on hers.

It also reminded me of why I think our Governor totally rocks. Even if you're someone who doesn't agree with her politics (many hold her personally responsible for the fact that you can no longer smoke in bars & restaurants in DE any more), it's hard to not admire what she's done with her life. She was at one point a single mom and high school dropout, and now she has just a year until she retires as a two-term governor. And with all that she's still a very down to earth person.

And finally, it filled me up with so much love to have that kind of one-on-one time with the kids. Which is a really good thing considering that Chas came home and morphed into a teething crankybutt, and Chanel came home and morphed back into a Pre-Teen With Major Attitude. God was smart to make sure that most kids have significant moments of being wonderful so that you can keep yourself from tossing their butts into a locked closet at moments like this evening.

Oh, and you know that you spend too much time at Lowes when you see someone you've known for 7 years as an employee there (met him and teasingly hassled him on his first day as a cashier, now he's the store sales mgr) and you give each other a big hug & kiss, just from the warm fuzzies of seeing each other for the first time ever outside of the store.

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