Monday, April 9, 2007

Habitat rocks

I'm very excited that after years of good intentions, I'm finally going to start volunteering with Habitat, on their latest "Woman Build" project which starts in a few weeks. Despite being asked to consider being a crew leader, I've asked to just be a regular worker-bee, because I'd really prefer to do things where I can learn new skills such as drywall finishing and using a power-nailer. I told them I'd help with basic skills training though.

(I think I might have blogged about this before but I'm too tired & lazy to read back and be sure.)

Anyway, another reason to celebrate Habitat today is that they're having a huge yardsale to benefit this woman-build project, and that is just the incentive we needed to get a lot of stuff cleared out of here. I'm not the sort who can just throw things away, so I'm a pretty avid Freecycler. But freecycling takes time and coordination of schedules and all that, so I've been avoiding listing all the crap usable things we have to give away just because of the effort it then takes to figure out when to set out what for who.

So today we loaded my van up pretty full and I'll drop it all off tomorrow. And we agreed that we're going to find a way to fill up my van at least one more time. Losing at least two vanfulls of stuff from this house will be a VERY good thing, though 3-4 would be better. I think I have Von convinced to give up the old double mattress/box spring that's in the attic, right where they need to put the 3rd floor blower unit, but that will be freecycled just so someone else can take care of carrying it down 2.5 flights of stairs and loading it into a vehicle.

Oh, and the basement lights didn't get installed today because the local 84 lumber doesn't carry 3-wire electric cable, plus even their 2-wire is 1.5x the price of the Big Box store. I'd pay more at a little local hardware store, but we don't HAVE a little local hardware store in this town, and I just didn't feel like taking an hour to go get wire. So the basement lights will just have to wait until next weekend or maybe one evening this week.

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Gene said...

Habitat indeed rocks. That's where I got 99% of my training, which was enough to make me crazy enough to think designing and building an addition by myself was a good idea :-)

Our local affiliate's big fundraising and construction event is coming up this weekend, so no work on our house for a bit.