Thursday, April 19, 2007

The good, the bad, the ugly, and the amusing

The good:
  • I'm driving to DC to have dinner tonight with someone who is a wonderful delightful lifetime friend. Even though we haven't been in contact for a couple of years (she now lives in Boulder), I know it will be as if no time has passed, just like it always is. I'm excited beyond measure to be seeing her again, and next month she'll be in Baltimore for a conference and is going to extend her trip through the weekend so that she can come visit. Yay!!!
  • But before I see her, I'm going to stop by in MD and pick up Lucy, our new baby girl rescued pug! A new baby in the house - woooooot!! And so Murphy (our big boy rescued pug) gets to go along with me on a road trip with is a huge positive from his perspective as well! They're going to be a total Mutt & Jeff pair, since Murphy is very big for a pug (35lbs and NOT overweight) and Lucy is very small for a pug (10lbs). I'm so excited. Sqeeeeeee!!!
The bad:
  • I'm meeting tomorrow morning with a different HVAC contractor to start this whole frustrating process all over again. I haven't heard from the original contractors so I'm presuming things aren't going well. I feel a little sorry for myself, but I feel HUGELY sorry for the guy who was injured. That just sucks.
  • I took off work for the entire day (not just the afternoon for my errands) so that I could fit in having an early lunch with some friends I've been jonesing to see, but they cancelled because their daughter and grandson got into town early. It's totally understandable but I'm just being a big whiney baby and missing them.
The ugly:
  • Last night I washed a load of whites in hot water without realizing that a dark-red saturated-dye cleaning rag was hiding itself in the washer. I ran them through again with a bunch of bleach, no change. They're now soaking in a strong bleach solution in a big plastic tub in the shower. Yes I know bleach that strong can damage the fibers but the stuff isn't wearable otherwise. My honey of the bright-white t-shirt under her crisp-starched perfectly ironed white uniform shirt (she a senior bailiff) will NOT be pleased.
The amusing:
  • I'm getting a bunch of hits every day on this house blog from people searching for pictures of or information about sine curves; it connects me back to my math geek roots. Some of them are even stopping to read the whole blog! And many of them are from places like Thailand, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, and other countries far from the U.S. And let's face it - getting hits on something like "sine curves" is a lot better than how some house blogs get found. (You know who you are. Hee.)

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