Sunday, June 3, 2007

Adding things to the list just to check them off

Anyone else do that - add things to your to-do list that weren't on there originally because you have this sicko need for documented evidence of your task, so you add it to the list just to cross it off?

I have been seriously guilty of that all my life, but especially now that I'm in the midst of this near-manic obsession about getting some clearly visible, tangible things done on the house.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not like those of you who talk casually about how you refinished the floors in your entire house yesterday or the addition that you built last week. I'm talking realistic for me, an ordinary human with limited motivation, stamina, and time in a typical weekend, such as getting over half of the baseboard heaters disconnected and the old thermostats removed, hanging a mirror, making two trips to Lowes with a stop at Home Depot, getting some laundry done, and not allowing my grandbaby to drown in the pool or tumble down a flight of stairs.

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The Muehli's said...

hahaha. We actually do that more often than we will probably admit - adding stuff to the to-do list that is actually already completed but probably could have been on the list to begin with. It's just a massively lame attempt for us to feel productive...which does work sometimes but then the list never really gets any shorter :)

Seems like no matter what we do the weekends just get shorter and shorter...although the weeks are very short now as well so I don't know what we'll do. We need to implement 4 day work weeks - that would be a good start ;)