Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holy blogbusters, Batman!!!

Someone wants to pay me to write for a blog I really like.

Someone wants to PAY me to write for a blog I really like.

Someone wants to pay ME to write for a blog I really like.

Needless to say, I'm totally pumped just from being asked. I'm not sure that I have the level of background knowledge that they really need (especially compared to most of the folks who frequent that site) and I told them so, but we'll see what they think. They said they like what I've written there, they like what I write here, they were planning on putting the word out for a new contributer, but they wanted to give me first shot. Me. ME. The grin hasn't left my face all evening.

I'm totally psyched at the idea of it. I wouldn't be coming to it cold, since I do have a tech writing background and have a bookshelf crammed full of tech articles and tech and training manuals that I've written, all related to totally dead technologies (any network geeks remember Banyan and Beyondmail?). I truly enjoy writing, though those of you who've known me for a while know that my biggest problem is figuring out when to shut up - hey, why use 50 words when I could use 500?!?

Of course I truly have no real idea of what it would take to do this, how good I'd be at it, or anything like that. But let me tell you, I'm seriously digging on the idea.



Old House Gazette said...

Congrats! How awesome is that?

And yes...I remember Beyondmail. How about "Pine"? It seems that it's still around, but I remember connecting to Pine via command line to check my email.

Now if I can just get my tool review site to start producing revenue, I can avoid working ever again! BWAHAHAHAH....cough cough.

Let us know how it goes.

Georgetown House said...

I have a vague recollection of Pine.

Yeah, BeyondMail. Those were the days, that's for sure. A quote from a trade-rag article I was interviewed for over a decade ago reads "Ms.____, who is an internationally recognized expert in BeyondMail support and development, said that..." It always gives me a chuckle, with the soft strains of "Those were the days, my friend..." playing in the back of my mind, since that expertise and $6 will get me lunch at McD's these days. People don't realize how technology changes can affect those who were foolish enough to focus in on non-MS or IBM technologies!

Your tool review site? I'll have to poke around and find that. I try to keep up with your blog, but never noticed the reviews!

Dara said...

Oh, it is soooo good to get paid for what's in your head, isn't it?

Let me know how it goes!

Chris said...

Gah! Pine!! I used Pine like...ten years ago! And it was by no means new then.

Anonymous said...

Congratu-f-ing-lations, Chickie!!!!!!! That is awesome news!! I can't wait to hear the details! More, more!!