Thursday, June 28, 2007

Check out the byline!

Look at who wrote this!

Ayup, that be me. And anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis (if there IS anyone who qualifies, that is) knows that it wasn't all that long ago that I posted about what a rockin' site that was. is like a freakin' porn site for someone like me. And now I write for them. How cool is THAT?!?

I'm assigned to the "find new or interesting tools that we haven't written about before and write a quick note about them" beat. Once I get the hang of it, it will probably be pretty easy to do. And it's something I really feel that I'll enjoy doing, even after the novelty and ego "ohhhh they wanted ME to do this!" factors wear off: I really enjoy writing, even when it's just for my own pleasure. And as brief as these snippets happen to be, I'm writing not just to hear myself think but because people actually come to that website to read what has been written!!

That byline thing has me a little skittish, though. I'd certainly be happy enough if it wasn't there; introvert that I am, I don't have a problem letting all the glory go to the Powers That Be who run the blog, and just knowing for myself which things I wrote. Now I'll be seriously Googleable I guess.

Since this is my house blog I suppose I should give an update on the house:
  • I did a little more work on the dining room floor, but not much.
  • I put the books in the new bookcase and I'm picking up another bookcase from freecycle tomorrow. We're now four empty boxes closer to being unpacked from our move over a year ago.
  • That's all.
Actually I have pics from the bathroom updates to post, as soon as I get them off the camera, since we finally got the knobs today. Maybe I need to focus on something other than finding tools to write about for a bit...


EGE said...

That is so cool! But (and I so hate to say "but") ... I can't actually find the byline. Am I a moron?

Of course, the more important question is: Do you get to keep (or at least actually try out) all the tools?

Rock on, sister, write write write!

Georgetown House said...

Nah, I'm not even getting to try them out, though it was vaguely implied (or perhaps it was just my wishful thinking) that something that they're sent to review might someday be tossed my way.

You can't open the actual full post to see the byline. You need to go the main site (, scroll down through the posts, and under the headline for each post in little teeny weeny writing will be "posted [date, time] by [writer]".

Greg said...

That's cool, but how do you review something that you've never tried?

Georgetown House said...

It's not considered a review - they're very clear when they're actually reviewing something, or have done test-to-failure or anything like that. It's really more of a "hey, look at this" typically followed by something along the lines of "anyone know anything about it?" or "this looks like it might be good for..." - which I've failed to do in my posts (I'm learning). In the time since I started as a member, there's already been several items that I was glad that they mentioned (even if they weren't reviewed) just because I didn't even know of their existence or of anything like that.