Thursday, June 28, 2007

First floor bathroom, Before and After

I feel compelled to mention that the "before" pictures were all taken on the day of our inspection, so it's not our junk all over the place:

Cabinets Before:

Note the fugly kitchen wall cabinet with nothing underneath it. Also note the electric baseboard heater.

Cabinets After:

Antique pine cabinet on the wall, which we speculate was originally from a butler's pantry. Antique washboard cabinet with marble top on the floor, non-original handles replaced with new non-original handles that kinda sorta match the pine cabinet's original handle.

Sink base Before:

From Lowes' el-cheapo line, typical cheap apartment building cabinet finish.

Sink base After:

Certainly not what I'd ultimately like to have in there, but now sanded and stained to match the other older cabinets, with knobs to match as well.

Mirror Before:

Now isn't this just Special. The light fixture is still there, unfortunately - upgrading that is on the "when we have money again" list.

And finally,

Mirror After:

Mirror, wall cabinet, and washboard cabinet all courtesy of our former favorite antique store, now of blessed memory.

It's not the most extensive, expensive or highest-quality bathroom fixup in the world, but it sure makes one helluva difference.


Anonymous said...

Georgeous!! I love the color, the cabinets, the mirror, and the new 'seat'!! I can't wait to see what kind of light fixture you'll pick!! It's obvious you guys have been working your tails off. LOVE IT!

The Blonde

Georgetown House said...

Thanks!!! Let me know your next day off, and we'll plan a play date!

Now if Von would only agree to wear glasses while patching/painting...