Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not manic, just marginally obsessive and loving every minute of it (so far).

A friend of mine just sent me a checklist of "how to tell if you might be manic/depressive" after I told her that I was installing junction box covers at 11pm, was feeling extremely proud of myself for finishing everything on today's to-do list plus some, have been obsessive about list making and task completion, and am feeling like a little kid the night before Christmas that tomorrow is Rip Out the Carpet day.

L., I love your concern darlin' but as I said, no I'm not suddenly bipolar and flying high in a manic phase. I'm just free from school and excited beyond measure that this year I actually get to DO something on the house instead of just lying around being sick all summer. Am I going to push myself this hard on house stuff all summer? No, because I'll probably lose a lot of motivation once it gets really hot (though now with central air maybe that won't be as likely), I'll probably lose a lot of motivation just because I'm not one to stay this highly motivated about anything for all that long, and soon my other obligations such as teaching an online class and taking care of the grandkids during the week will kick in and I won't be able to get nearly as much done.

But for now, if I feel like digging tools and supplies out of the garage at 1am, or organizing the office at a pace that makes me end up looking like I spent an hour on a stairmaster (considering that I made at least 12 trips to carry boxes and other things upstairs, that's a fair analogy), or if I want to put the junction box covers over the old thermostat boxes at close to midnight, I'm going to revel in it.

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