Friday, June 29, 2007

Please help with an important Breast Cancer study

Have you or your sister had breast cancer? Do you know of anyone who has had breast cancer, or whose sister has had breast cancer? Even if the answer is no, would you be willing to help fight breast cancer by spreading the word to try and find sisters of women who have had breast cancer?

I am currently enrolled in The Sister Study, a very important large-scale study of the sisters of women who have had breast cancer. They plan to look at a wide variety of factors in 50,000 women, age 35 to 74, whose sisters have had breast cancer at any age. This study will hopefully help us learn some important things about this disease which affects so many of us, directly or indirectly. I know: My sister, my grandmother, and one of my very best friends all had breast cancer.

They have only one year left to reach their goal of 50,000 women, and they still need 12,000 more women from the U.S. and Puerto Rico to enroll. They especially need participation from women of color and women over 65 years old.

Please, pass the word along to as many people, men and women, as you can. Email this information to your friends and family, post it on your public or private journal/blog, post it to internet message boards, print it out and post it at your church, your daycare, your community center, your break room at work, anywhere that might reach someone who might know someone else who might want to participate.

What I've found as I've tried to help recruit participants is that most women whose sisters had breast cancer are more than willing to participate in order to help try and find out more about this disease that affected their sister's health and perhaps took her life. But they can't participate if they don't know about it. Your passing this message along may allow someone to learn about it who wants very much to do this.

Please send anyone who qualifies as a participant to this website:, or ask her to call 1-877-4SISTER.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about this important study.

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