Monday, June 18, 2007

Anyone want to help me decide something?

Since the low-budget renovation of the downstairs bathroom is wrapping up, I'm ready to start upstairs. I know that we're going to put in this dresser:

as a sink base. We're going to strip it since it has many thick layers of paint, but then we'll either repaint it white or finish it with a varnish of some kind if the wood is nice.

We're also going to put pine t&g wainscoting on the walls.

So here's the big important question that is plaguing me:

White wainscoting and color on the wall above?

Or color on the wainscoting and white on the wall above?

It's a very tiny bathroom, and the color choices are leaning towards a pale mint green or perhaps a periwinkle or light tealish kind of color, in case any of those things affect your opinion.

Oh the enormity of my decidedly privileged first-world problems. ::rolling eyes::


kingstreetfarm said...

Ooh I definitely vote for white wainscoting and color above! Check out what I did in my own bathroom using the link below, and then go to Archived Posts, January 23, 2006.

Georgetown House said...

Kingstreetfarm, I don't see any link! But I know you're a houseblogger, so I'll look for you there.

Anonymous said...

Definitely white trim and color above, and re-paint the dresser white...very soft, clean look with pale green or blue.

Anonymous said...

Toots, I gotta tell ya, I still love the idea of the white beadboard, the perriwinkle on the walls (yum!) and a very pretty yellow (can you say Roman Chamomile by Duron?) on the dresser/vanity. Nothin' says Good Morning like that very happy combo of colors!

The Blonde

Dara said...

Much as I love white wainscoting in theory, the reality is that it gets scuffed up pretty fast. I might be inclined to use a white or even a light blue stain on the wainscot panels instead of the usual white enamel and save the enamel paint (white or blue) for the trim itself. I'd paint the walls above in a paler blue--almost white. Then I would antique the dresser-- I'd take advantage of the fact that it has been painted many times and sand away layers on the edges of the cabinet itself and the drawer fronts until I hit either a color I liked or wood. Then I'd probably get some sample pots of paint in creams, browns/ochres and yellows and some glaze and use those to "quiet" the white down some. I'd bring in other colors through fabric--towels, a nice hooked rug perhaps--and wall decor.