Saturday, June 30, 2007

New cheap doors can be Ugly doors

The Interior Door Shop is sponsoring an "ugly door" contest here (thanks for the link, EgE!), and I've decided to enter. I hesitated, thinking that it would be just for folks who have doors that are all beat up and broken that would qualify, but I hate my awful interior doors so much that I had to enter.

I can only imagine the beauty of the doors that used to be in this house, which was built sometime in the first quarter of the 20th century. I'm sure they were wood, certain that even if they were plain or a little damaged, they had real character.

But the previous owners, who could see nothing more in this house than its rental potential, somehow decided that "new" was better (or, more likely, easier than doing a little fixup on the original doors), and of course "new and the cheapest we can find"was best. So now, all of our interior doors are these hideous white plastic fake-wood texture pieces of crap that I hate, hate, hate. Where they're worn or damaged, you can see the sawdust underneath the plastic. These will never develop the character of real wood, they'll just deteriorate into the depressing look of an old cheap depressing apartment on the wrong side of the tracks.

I chose this picture to post because it shows both the regular interior and the ill-fitting closet doors - see how the closet door is not quite closed? That's because that's all it will close because they framed it wrong, and since they're cheapass sawdust doors instead of, you know, REAL WOOD, they can't easily be trimmed down to fit. And as you can see, both the interior and closet doors are of the same cheap nasty materials, throughout the entire house.

(and that's Von, painting the bedroom before we moved in)


EGE said...

Just making sure you know -- you've got send them an email with a link to your blog before you're officially entered in the contest. You probably knew that, because you probably read things through before you do them. Me, I end up having to take the whole grill apart because I didn't know I was supposed to put the thingy through the bottom BEFORE I put the handles on...

Georgetown House said...


Yup, I caught that part, and emailed them. And I saw your name on their site as the first contestant entered.

I'll make you a deal: You win and get these cool new doors, I'll pay shipping to get your original "needs work" doors shipped to me, if I can use them anywhere.

And that grill thing?? Two years ago we bought a grill and put this one part on before we were supposed to and had to dismantle half of it. A few weeks ago we bought almost the same grill (since we had to leave the old one behind in the house we sold) and yes, of course, we put the same part on before we were supposed to and had to pull it all apart again.

EGE said...

I think I might love you!

Okay here's a deal: if I do win the doors, you can plain old HAVE them -- if they'll ship them to you instead of me.

I kind of only entered for a lark, anyways, and Johnny agrees with me that we don't really want (or need) new doors in this house. Not enough to pay shipping and handling on sending them (plus taxes on winning them), anyway.

You, however, apparently DO need them.

(Sorry if you were hoping for old ugly doors to replace your new uglies. But at least this way you'd get new pretties.)

Georgetown House said...

LOL girlfriend, you have SO got a deal.

Then again, Von actually LIKES these awful things that we have here. But that's ok - I'll get MY way, for sure.

Helen said...


You left a comment on the Cotton On Quilters blog. I have emailed you but would like to apologise again for the delay in responding.

What a great idea to blog about your house renovation.

bogfrog said...

I don't know anything about the contest, but have a question related to old doors. My doors are the plain old (HEAVY) wood doors, but look like a rat gnawed on them.

Should I trust wood putty to fill on the bizarre gaps and gouges? If I strip and repaint them, will they take away from the value of the house? Ideally, I'd love to patch and rehang them, but need advice on how to make them a little more presentable in case any VIPs come to visit me.

Georgetown House said...

Bogfrog, I'm not the best person to answer that question, but I can tell you where to get some great advice on that:

This forum is one of the best resources for old-house related repairs and fix-ups that there is! Tell them Abuela sent you. ::grin::

Chris said...

Interior trim, and particularly doors, are a pet peeve of mine. Gimme solid wood, damnit.