Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our favorite antique store is closing - Whaaa and WOOT!

Our favorite little antique store, a place which carries lots of delightful things that real people can use and afford, is closing down. The owner of the building wants it in order to move and expand her store, which sells overpriced candles and baskets, and cheesy "handcrafted" items that were cranked out in some sweatshop overseas.

Even though we have zero money for extras, we couldn't pass up the 20% off sale that they're having, and we struck double-gold: A perfect little marble-topped cabinet, and a lovely mirror, which if you recall from my previous post, we really really needed for the downstairs bathroom.

So now the cabinet is in place with the pine cabinet (which we bought from the same store) mounted on the wall above it. The mirror will be put in place after Von finishes spackling/sanding/repainting where we put the old mirror back up. I also ordered some cabinet knobs from Rejuvenation Hardware that kinda sorta match the original knob on the wall cabinet, to put on the sink base and on the marble-topped cabinet (which has non-original pulls on it right now).

Oh, and the BEST thing is that the marble topped cabinet wasn't just 20% off: The original tag said $225. The sale tag said $70. We thought at first it was a mistake, but apparently it wasn't.

I might go back tomorrow or Tuesday and use some of my personal savings to get a few more things. I'll try really really hard to stick to stuff that's functional - bookcases, stuff like that - as opposed to going nuts in the "old kitchen gadgets" bin, to get things to add to my box of old kitchen gadgets that I have nowhere to display.

NOW all we need for our on-the-cheap renovation of that downstairs bathroom is a new toilet seat, new lighting, new towel bar and toilet paper holder, and the curtain we're going to put in front of the ugly shower stall door. When it seemed as if we were a long way away from getting finished (assuming incorrectly that it would be a long while before we found the perfect cabinet and mirror), I wasn't so worried about getting these things. But of course now I'm going to have to find a way to fit this other stuff in the budget so that it can be finished.


Marye said...

what you dois buy as much as possible and ebay it so you can afford to buy the other stuff you are really wanting..and needing.
I have had to be really creative n my aquisitions of house stuff... :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the store?

Georgetown House said...

Anon, it's on rt. 9 between Lewes and Georgetown. Are you someone who is in this area?