Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Access/VBA for home renovation, and "inebriated mathematics"

OK, I'm a geek. And I know that some of you are, too, so I thought I'd toss this out there.

I want to develop an Access (or Access/VBA) home-renovation to-do list manager. In addition to the standard to-do list features, I want to include things associated with each task/subtask such as number of hours I estimate it will take, how many people it will take, can it be done at night or in bad weather, what supplies/tools I need and if I have them (and if I don't, there's my shopping list).

Obviously I'm going to want to look at tasks by room, by type of task (plumbing, painting, landscaping, etc.), etc. And I want it to generate a "how about doing this?" suggestion list for those times when it seems like there's so much to do (or I'm having serious menopause brain) that I can't figure out what to do next - Say, give me a list of indoor tasks that take 2 hours or less and can be done by one person, where we have everything we need to do the task.

So does anyone have even just a generic to-do list in Access or Access/VBA that I could use as a starting point? Anyone want to work on this together? FYI I plan to make it available to anyone who wants a copy once I have something useable.

I'm also not going to take offense if you tell me that I'm reinventing the wheel and for a reasonable sum of money, someone's already created a program that will do all or most of these things. Having had several Access students who basically wanted to re-create Quickbooks or MS Project in Access, I know that can happen and I'm sure I'm not immune to it!

As for "inebriated mathematics," that's the Google search that led someone to this blog a few hours ago, according to my site meter. Cracks me up. Hee.

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