Monday, May 7, 2007

It's a beautiful morning, think I'll go outside and smile

It's bright and sunny with a delightful spring nip in the air. The lilacs and roses and hydrangea and all kinds of other things that I transplanted from my old house with its sandy soil and filtered sun, are clearly in heaven with the sunshine and good rich soil that we have here - I didn't expect much the first year after transplanting them, but my lilac for example is covered with more flower clusters than I've ever seen on it. I'm working at home today so once it warms up a bit I'm taking my laptop out to the porch and working from there; it's just too nice to stay inside.

But the best part is, I've got three guys wandering around in my house talking about where to cut cut holes, where equipment is going to be installed, etc. Yes, folks, the HVAC guys are FINALLY here. I told them that if they didn't do a good job I was going to sic my attack pugs on them. So far they seem like a very cool bunch - good sense of humor, and jumping right into the work.

Lucy: Yo, Murphy, did I just hear them guys talkin' bout takin' shortcuts on that ductwork install?
Murphy: Don't worry, doll, I'll take care of it. Ain't no sloppy holes being cut in THIS floor.

(Click here to see why dog bites are a real threat with this job, if you hadn't seen it before)

I've decided to stay out of their way and not take pictures while they're working, but I'm going to take pics every day. Whooooo how excited can one woman's life (and blog) get?!?

Now, I need to spend a little quiet quality time alone with my bank balance, saying good-bye. It's about to go completely away, and even though I keep being promised that it will eventually come back, I know that things will probably never be the same.

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