Thursday, May 10, 2007

HVAC Day 4: The Cranky Post

The mess is really starting to get to me. They made the cut for one floor vent in the office that is just a smidge too big and it's bugging the crap out of me and there's really no way to fix it so we just have to live with it and I don't want to, I want it to be not too big. They were supposed to be completely done on the 1st floor today but Main Installer Guy got pulled out for some emergency at someone else's house this morning and wasn't here all day, and he was supposed to finish the first floor vents so those still aren't done so we still can't put things back in place in several locations, and the two helper guys could only do so much without him so they ended up leaving early. Main Installer Guy was also out for much of the day yesterday because of a funeral, so I hope this doesn't mean that they're falling significantly behind. I still think they're great overall, but it's just not a good idea to start falling behind or making wee mistakes at the same point in the project where I'm starting to get cranky.

This mess is wrecking havoc on our food budget and waistlines, too, since I've really not felt like cooking in the middle of all this. Tonight I dragged Von out to get pizza. I should have had a beer while I was at it. Maybe I'll buy some tomorrow, though I'll probably drink it out of an opaque glass so that our D.A.R.E.-aged granddaughter doesn't ask us once again if we're planning on getting drunk when we're supposed to be taking care of the kids just because we have one drink. Gotta love kids that age.

This getting up way early is getting to me, too. OK, I know I don't deserve any real sympathy here - most folks don't have the privilege of sleeping until 9am most mornings, but I do, dammit, and when you combine my general inability to get to sleep before 1am with suddenly having to get up every morning no later than 7:15, you get a very cranky sleepy girl. Last night my overtired body just crashed of its own accord at probably around 8, so I feel a bit more human today.

They'd damn well better get this first floor finished tomorrow, though, or I'm going to be exceptionally cranky: We have the kids all weekend, and this kind of mess/chaos just doesn't mix well with having a crawling baby in the house.

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