Thursday, May 3, 2007


So here's one of the three reasons why our HVAC got delayed for three weeks:

HVAC Delay

I finally found out what really happened:
  1. Installer Guy was talking his dog out for an early morning walk, neighbor's loose dog attacks his dog, he tries to break up the fight, gets bitten on the hand. It looks really bad at first, but turns out to be not as serious as they thought.
  2. Few days later, Installer Guy starts running a high fever and feeling like dirt. Everyone thinks it might be some hideous dogbite-related disease, turns out to be a bad case of the flu.
  3. Installer Guy starts feeling better, finally feels up to taking his dog out for an early morning walk again, neighbor dog attacks his again, he tries to break up the fight again, this time kicking the dog resulting in a deep bite to his leg that required 18 stitches.
But, he was here today, we walked through where all the ducts and returns are going, he was cool enough to let me take that picture, and barring any further accidents, it all starts on Monday!

We're thrilled, plus everyone who knows me will be thrilled because in just a couple of weeks I'll finally shut up about this stupid HVAC system.


Old House Gazette said...

I hope the authorities were contacted about the dog... That's a nasty bite!

Ranty said...

Good Lord!!!!!!!!!