Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Raising my milkshake, in a toast to celebrate the end of this project

Drain line's finished.

Electrical inspection still must be scheduled, but I need to finish the basement light installation first, and that's not happening tonight. My goal is to finish it before the holiday weekend, but with nothing scheduled for the weekend it won't kill me to just plan on having it finished before Monday.

Bills are received, and the electrician is paid, but I'm waiting for an adjustment for the HVAC contractor which I'll have and pay by Friday.

But this is finally close enough for me to consider it done.

It's DONE. It felt like this day would never come. Von thinks the two weeks went really fast, but then again Von wasn't the one getting up 1.5 hours early every day the way I had to, to let the contractors in and keep them from seeing me in my nightgown.

So please, grab your beverage of choice (mine at the moment is a chocolate milkshake, though I did make some kick-ass good mojitos this past weekend) and join me to celebrate the completion of our HVAC system installation.


(Now, watch it stay at super-mild temps all summer so that we end up barely needing it!)


Josh Feierman said...

Congratulations! It is a good feeling to finish something, isn't it? Hopefully we'll be experiencing it soon. Of course, once one thing is done, there's always 15 more lying in wait! :)

Georgetown House said...

Yes, very good to finished project, though I feel like this doesn't reallly count because it was all contracted out. I count it as something WE did once we finish getting all the electric baseboard units out, the wall thermostats out and the walls refinished under them, and the ductwork that runs along the 3rd floor bedrooms' outside walls boxed in as a window seat. Heck, it will be an accomplishment just to get the house back in order!

Our next big project: Rebuild our bank account from near-zero so that we can take on other projects!