Saturday, May 12, 2007

HVAC: Week 1

I'm feeling a bit less cranky about things today, in no small part because we no longer have the dining room piled with all the pantry junk and the living room with everything pulled to the center of the room. The first floor, crawl space and basement are all finally complete, at least in terms of the main unit and ductwork. Main Installer Guy wasn't here for most of the day today but the two guys that were here just totally cranked out the work: They got the 3rd floor unit put in place, and most of the ducts built (though not yet put in place) for up there, even a couple of pretty convaluted pieces with all kinds of curves and bends that reminded me of the crazy architectural models that my architecture-major roommate/friend in college would make.

Electrician Guy also stopped by as well, to see how things were going, and seemed quite pleased that the unit is in the basement instead of the crawl space; he said (in writing) that he'd charge me less than the estimate if it ended up taking him less time, so I can only hope.

It's 2am but for the first time all week I don't have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning, which is a really good thing, since today was just nuts: Work at home this morning, while resisting slamming my fist into the computer because our class management system kept choking and burping and losing the work I'm doing to prep for the summer class I'm teaching. Doctor's appt late morning which took an hour longer than usual because my primary care provider, the amazing and wonderful and delightful Bonnie Yoder, just changed to a practice 18 miles away instead of a mile away, but she's most definitely worth the extra drive for the amazing CARE (as in, being a real person who really cares how we're doing type of care) that she gives to us and to all of her patients. More work at home this afternoon. Lucy to vet early evening (vet is first come first served, so it always takes freakin' forever, but hey, that's the price you pay for hours every evening and weekend); unfortunately Lucy still tested positive for mange mites, so she gets another month of poisons medicine. Buy her dog food from one place. Buy the boys' dog food from another place. Drop her off. Go do our biweekly payday mega-shopping trip. Come home and put all that stuff away. Spend a few precious moments with my granddaughters then get the baby to bed. Finish all that chaos long after 10pm. No wonder I'm still tripping.

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