Monday, May 21, 2007

It ain't over 'til it's over, and it ain't over yet.

So close and yet so far... we DO have heat and AC, though!!! So that's a very good thing. They tested the heat on Friday but it was so chilly that they really didn't want to test the AC since they'd be back today (Monday). It felt so good that I was almost tempted to keep the heat on! But I'm morally opposed to running the heat in May. Or maybe I'm just a tightwad and just use energy conservation as my excuse, who knows. Today should have been the last day for it all, since they only needed to get the humidifier hooked up, but as we were doing the final walk-through we noticed that they brought the primary drain line for the upstairs system down into the crawlspace but never continued it outside, so that needs to be finished tomorrow.

Overall I've been very pleased with these contractors. They were pleasant to work with, I felt that they were trustworthy and reliable, they seemed to know their stuff, and from what I can tell, the work that they did was very good. The only thing I'm not happy with is that they tossed a bunch of little stuff that I'd planned to keep. I'm the first to admit that it was stuff that would be considered junk to most people, stuff that didn't have any real monetary value to anyone: the old disconnect switch, a few of the old knobs from the old knob & tube wiring, and a bunch of probably 40's-50's era tins with labels still intact that probably were used to store screws and the like, including several old little stain cans and an even older coffee tin with a metal lid. But it was MY junk, dammit, not theirs to dispose of, and now its all gone. And yet there's some other trash still left behind in the basement, such as the insulation that they had to take down in order to run some of the ductwork. Why couldn't they have tossed that out instead of my little tins and knobs and electrical boxes?!?

So would I recommend them? Yes, most definitely, so if you're in Slower Lower and need a good HVAC contractor, I'd be happy to pass along their name. But I'd just make sure to remove any treasures that someone else might think is trash that is in the area where they'd be working.

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