Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's not only merely done, it's really most sincerely done

Electrical inspector just came and went, and left me my pretty green sticker that says all is well, so now the installation is 100% completely finished. I like how many times he said variations on "oh wow, this guy does really nice work" and "look at how he did this, now that's how to do it right." Leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling, that's for sure.

I was literally sweating when he arrived though, not from the heat but because five minutes before he was supposed to be here I remembered that I never got a cover for the junction box that I use for the lights in the basement. I frantically went all through the house, up and down the stairs, until I found what I knew we had somewhere -- a random junction box covered up on the wall, which ended up being behind something on the 3rd floor. I snagged the cover off of it, then raced back down to the basement and was just about to put it on when... ding-dong. So he inspected the basement electric but either just didn't notice or was kind enough not to mention the open junction box right in the center of the ceiling with a box cover, screws and screwdriver laying on top of a roll of insulation underneath it. Of course now I need to go get it, put it back on the 3rd floor, and add "junction box cover" to our list of things to get at Lowes.

I had permission to work from home this morning, up until he arrived which could have been as late as 1:30. Now the question is, do I work from home even though he's already done, sitting here listening to the birds and drinking my tea, or do I go in? Hmmm...


Greg said...

On behalf of the Lollypop Guild, I wish to offer my congratulations.

Georgetown House said...

LOL Thanks, Greg. I figured I had to do something different since I've already declared it "done" several times already.