Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Inevitable Perils of the Over-Zealous List Maker

This is my last week of work, so Saturday starts two months of summer break. IF I don't have frequent childcare responsibilities, I hope to get a lot done. I've decided to use weekly checklists/schedules. I think the one I drew up for next week is perhaps a wee bit ambitious. We'll see. Bold means Von can do or Von can help. I'm not including stuff that only Von will be doing, like gobs of painting.

If I can actually do all this, thank Miracle Max.

Edited to add: Yes, I am adding things to this just so that I have the satisfaction (and record) of crossing them off as done.

Now through Monday 6/4:

  • Peek under vinyl in bathroom Couldn't wait to do this one. I can't tell for sure, but looks like the wood goes all the way in. Original wood floors in a '20's/30's era bathroom?? Can I fix them up so that they won't be damaged by the normal water/moisture you get in a bathroom? Stay tuned for the continuing story of "All My Flooring."
  • Hang big white mirror in the upstairs bathroom It's close but not quite exactly level one direction and it turns out that the toilet is not exactly level the other direction so it looks pretty off kilter (I'm the kind of person that just a little bit tilted will make me crazy). I need to take it off the two individual hangers and put a couple of wires between them so that I do a more visual leveling.
  • Plant rest of stuff that needs to be planted
  • Get office organized
  • Lowes/HD: plywood sealer, tile for hallway (55sqft), stuff to make rain barrels
  • Lunch for Al’s birthday?
  • 3:00 Brewery tour
  • Take off some radiators, thermostats


  • Lunch for Al’s birthday?
  • Remove all radiators/thermostats.
  • Get Donna/Kim to come pick up theirs
  • List rest of them on Craigs list (take picture in the house first)
  • Remove carpet, carpet strips in DR, Hall
  • Take off baseboard trim in hallway
  • Seal floor in hallway


  • Put down tile in hallway
  • Bring all freecycle stuff to garage
  • List all freecycle stuff on freecycle, including baby stuff if not yet picked up
  • 5:30 Bellydancing
  • Von: Powerwash table and fence?


  • Hang with MA for first of summer sorta play day (sobriety optional)
  • Power-wash and seal outdoor table
  • Power-wash and seal fence


  • Von’s first day of vacation
  • Rip up plywood in dining room
  • Clean up floor in dining room


  • Mom’s birthday: Call her!!!
  • Buy and install gutters
  • Start making rain barrels


  • Set up, deliver rain barrels
  • Varnish painted picnic table

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