Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And then there was light (but no houseblogs.net?)

Well, we finally got the lights installed in the basement so that the electrical inspectors can come out and do the final check for the new HVAC system on Thursday. Nothing at all worth taking pictures of, just three supercheapo little fluorescent fixtures positioned to give the best overall lighting to our odd-shaped mini-basement.

I felt like a total idjit, though, when I turned on the breaker and saw that the lights stayed on regardless of whether the switch was on or off. DOY! I completed the circuit -- junction box/power source up the stairs to the switch then a few inches over to the first light then down to the bottom of the stairs to the second light then back around to the back of the basement to third light. And that is where it was supposed to stop but noooooo I just had to take it one step further and connect the third light back to junction box. Considering that the 3rd light was just 2" away from that junction box, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Dad, if you're reading this, please don't cut me from the will. I did everything else right, I promise.

And soon after houseblogs.net found out that they were banned from google for reasons beyond comprehension, their server's been whonked and the site's been inaccessible. Anyone know what's going on??

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Gene said...

They're still trying to figure out why they were banned, but the site wonkiness is as yet unexplained. I wonder if they were hacked...it's almost their server was changed underneath them.