Friday, May 18, 2007

ARRGGHH! Original house detail taken down and tossed.

This was one of the tiny handful of original details that were left in this house, and now it's gone:

I know it's not the biggest deal in the greater scheme of things, but it was a big deal to me.

It wasn't even really significantly in the way but someone on the HVAC crew took it down from where it was hanging in the basement (by order of Main Installation Guy who admitted to declaring it trash) and apparently tossed it.

:::insert stream of profanity totally unsuitable for a public post:::

They're going to check with the guy who took it down who isn't here today, to see if by chance he has it in his truck. If he doesn't, Main Installation Guy is going to search through the company's dumpster to see if it got tossed there with the rest of the trash materials.

I feel like I shouldn't be as seriously upset about this as I am, but I am. Not even angry, just very very sad. I know it was basically trash, a rusted out bit of "junk," but it was one of the very few original things left in this house, and when you're as desperate as I am for original details, you appreciate the little things like this.


ben said...

was it not hooked up?! we have the romex/cloth wiring combo in our basement and it still works fine. then again, we don't have HVAC either.

Georgetown House said...

Nah, not hooked up and I've since found out that it couldn't be original to the house either. As I posted elsewhere, I'm "just some dang fool woman too overly desperate even for a bit of lint that's original to her house.