Monday, May 7, 2007

OMG! OMG! We have wood floors under the carpet!

I'm so excited that my heart is racing!!!

They just cut the holes in the dining room floor for the vents, and the wood floors are still under there!!

The previous owners had told us that there was nothing but plywood under this grossly nasty carpet.

Now, here's the kicker: There had been a fire in this room, back when it was a kitchen. So there's a good chance that the wood floor is damaged, perhaps significantly to the point of being unusable.

But just the fact that it's THERE and that it could potentially be useable makes me seriously happy.

As soon as the HVAC install is done and I can wheedle permission out of Von, I'm tearing this nasty carpet up and seeing what's there. I figure worst case I'll re-cover again with plywood, but I can definitely hope for something usable.


EGE said...

Here's something I learned when we had our (slightly damaged and covered by linoleum) hardwood floors refinsished: once you have it (professionally -- don't try to do it yourself) sanded and varnished, a certain amount of damage can add character. Of course, we don't know what's under those carpets of yours yet, but we thought we were going to have to replace half of the floor in our dining room. We actually asked the sander/refinsher guys to quote us a price on it. But they told us we were being silly, it would look black but fine, and it does (I'll put a picture up when I get my new modem in). Like the floor guys told us: things happen in old houses, it's not supposed to look brand new. (They're Vietnamese, so it didn't come out quite that way, but I would absolutely recommend them to you if you lived anywhere near...)

Georgetown House said...

Oh we are totally fine with "character" - hell, we'd better be, since our house has a lot more character than good-condition original detail. If I wanted a new house I would have bought one.

But it's not the visual appearance that concerns me, it's whether there is any significant damage from the fire or water used to put out the fire, and whether it really is everywhere under the carpet or if there are places where they really did rip it up and level it to the old floor with new plywood.

But no matter what, this nasty carpet has to go, and I'm beyond thrilled even to just have an excuse to rip it up before I can afford to put down what we'd really want if the original floors were not there. I'd live with painted plywood until we're flush again if I have to.

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