Friday, May 25, 2007

Thwarted plans and the hopes of an original bathroom floor

Our plans to rip up the carpet and luan in the dining room this weekend to expose the original floor, regardless of condition, was thwarted by a change in plans regarding the grandkids, who will be here with us all weekend after all. I wish that projects like this could be done with a 1 year old around, but realistically they just can't, especially when it involves the most used room of the house.

However, this has gotten me thinking the upstairs bathroom. Right now there's ugly vinyl sheet flooring, presumably over plywood, but then what's THAT over?

I'm really doubt if Von will be open to the idea of my looking (which is pretty much an irreversable process), with the hopes of finding original tile, at least not until we are able to start seriously remodeling that room. But I may not be able to help myself...


Chuck Cage said...

If it's constructed like my house, you'll probably find... nothing! That plywood may well be the flooring itself, attached directly to the joists beneath.

Even then, it'd be easy to install a new tile floor of your liking!

EGE said...

Sorry to be so stupid, but: what's "luan"?

Georgetown House said...

ege, luan (which I've learned is also spelled "lauan") is a really thin cheap plywood.

I found more extensive description of its construction and uses here:
and here:

Marye said...

Personally, I describe the demolition which I catagorize under *honey I was just looking to see what was there* as architectural archeology.
It sounds so much more important and official that way.
And our floors were in much worse shape than yours..and they look pretty good I think!

Georgetown House said...

"Architectural archeology"

Ooooh, I REALLY like that!!!

Actually I did finally peek and there's luan over ::dant da-da DAAAAA::: Wood Floor!!

So now the question is, do I dare try keeping with a wood floor in the bathroom?!?

Guess I gotta get the dining room floor finished first...